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    Thanks for the feedback, everybody!

    Mscottson: I'll look into adding PS3 controller support asap!
    Goombaslayer: I'm encouraged that you felt a PC vibe - for the life of me, I haven't been able to come up with a default PC keyboard configuration that would work for a multi-button platformer. Nothing quite feels natural, you know? Some games just seem to require a controller. But maybe there's a way to do it I haven't thought of!

    In other news, the HardcoreGamer guy seemed to like Adventures of Chris, too:

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    Whoah, this is right up my ally! I gotta try this ASAP!....though I agree it doesn't quite look like an Snes game, more like mid-gen TG-16 or a msDOS/ Amiga game. Definately downloading the next time I boot up my Ouya. = D

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    Latest version 1.0.2 - supports PS3 controller - now released.

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    A very creative game indeed.

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    Will buy now. Thanks for taking my suggestion!

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    Very interesting game thus far... this one will definitely find time in my current rotation.

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    Added ReviOUYA review:

    I also wanted to ask if anyone's ever played a multi-button platformer on a PC that worked, and if so, what keyboard configuration you used. I can only think to replicate SNES emulator default controls (and provide the option to customize). My initial attempts at a default control scheme appear to have mostly confused my friends.

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    For those interested in the evolution of a game, I've got some art improvements in the pipeline. (I'm not an artist by any stretch, but I figure some additional details couldn't hurt!) Check 'em out!

    Transylvania Before:

    Transyvania After:

    Transylvania Sky Before:

    Transylvania Sky After:

    Also working on increasing the screen size, extending the "Floating Away" song, and a few other minor enhancements. Suggestions always welcome

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    It's looking very good.

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    Nice game. I thought the graphics were charming. I couldn't get past the birds so I gave up

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