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    Color Thief [Create Game Jam]

    Hello! My business partner and I are participating in the Create Jam - I finally did a blog post of our progress on our website, and I thought I would share what we're doing here as well!

    The basic idea is simple - you are a chameleon, who can absorb color from objects and transfer that color onto different objects. You can only hold one color at a time. Any object or surface is fair game for you to transfer from/to. The color in this world acts as an energy source - so you use it to power machinery, open doors, etc. You can also use it to camouflage yourself (you are a chameleon, after all), so there is a stealth element to the game in that you need to sneak past the few cameras that are still functioning in the creepy, dilapidated, color-drained room you've woken up in.

    For the jam we're planning on having 2 levels (probably just one of them will have any sort of art) - the first level will function as a tutorial, and in level 2 we'll start playing around with this idea a little more. I'm definitely interested in the more exploratory type of game design - we can make the rule set and basic functionality, and then we want to see what happens when we go from there.

    Here's our main character:

    Here's the rough layout of our two levels (at this point, I suspect only one will end up with art).

    Tutorial level (from Friday):

    Level One (from Saturday):

    Some early color transferring (from Sunday):

    Here's how the tutorial level looks today:


    And here's how the color stealing/transferring currently works (from today). Issam had to change the logic of it a bit for the jam, but for the final product we'd probably want it to look a little more like the first video (color spreading out from a point):

    Honestly, we've been moving a bit slow. We're used to doing shorter jams, so I think we're having a hard time pacing ourselves. Let's see what we have by Weds night!

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    I absolutely love the way this game is turning out.
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    Yeah, definitely a lot of possibilities with this game once you start thinking about all the ways you can use the core colour stealing mechanic.

    Was wondering if you'd be interested in letting people play colour theif at an OUYA themed meetup on Jan 24th? I'm trying to round up some of the games for the create jam so people who've come to check out the consoles have something to play on them
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    I want to know how you did that color absorb/insertion :O
    Decals? Lerping the color into one object while removing it for another?

    Regardless, i would like to see how this translate to gameplay!
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    Thank you, guys!

    For how the color stealing works, Issam says:

    Both techniques use custom shaders. For the first one, we figure out the world position of the hand and use that as an "injection" point. In the shader we calculate the distance from each pixel of the object to that point, and if the distance is under a certain value we add the injected color. We do the inverse for the object that's getting it's color subtracted. Really it's like having a custom point light light logic that add or remove light. The main problem with this system is having multiple of those injection point on one object and trying to figure out if the object is fully covered in color or not.

    The second system is simpler, and yeah each object as a color in the HSV space, when injecting/substracting a color we match the hue and add/lower the saturation. On the CPU we do the conversion from HSV to RGB and the shader just blend between the object texture (if it as one) and the color. Each object saturation is normalized based on their size, for example on the video you can see that the color on the sphere and chameleon is at full saturation, but when putting that color on the wall it only fill it up at less than half saturation.

    I prefer the look of propagation from the first method, because I feel it will allow more gameplay opportunities once it's really working, but the second method is still good enough to figure out if we can make a game based on moving color between objects.

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    Here's how the entry came out in the end!

    We're definitely interested in pursuing the idea further to see where it goes.


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    Interesting concept! I like the idea, it seems like it could create some cool puzzles/gameplay elements.

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    excited to try this out do you know when the retail release will be for ouya?

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    Been a while since we've heard anything about this. Is this still coming or did it fall into game jam abandonment hell?

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    I was really excited for this game, and i feel as if the game just disappeared.....

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