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    Exclamation King Slash - Searching one beta tester !

    Hello everybody !
    My name is Marc and I am currently working with 2 other guys on a funny retro project on IOS & Android. We have decided to participate also at the CREATE game jam for OUYA.
    However we currently don't have a dev kit for OUYA (we have preordered it too late) and I need your help to test quickly the game to see if the controls are working well on the console !

    If you are interested to test it and get your name on the credits, don't hesitate to contact me by email lejeune.marc (at) yahoo (dot) fr or on Skype (Niokizou) in FR.

    I will not share yet the APK because it's better first to make few tests on our side with the beta tester to see if the game is not crashing and if the controls are working well

    We are also working on the youtube video & the website :
    After the quick test, I will introduce it with a new thread

    Thanks in advance!

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    I dislike how you are entering the OUYA Create competition but by the looks of your website you have developed this game without the OUYA in mind. You list iOS, Android, Xbox and PC, not even a mention of OUYA on your website or Facebook page! Makes me wonder when this game started development as well.
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    Please send me the APK! I will gladly test this. However, I highly doubt you started this as recent as the 7th of January. Either way it looks like a great game, good job.


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