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    3D Hack 'n Slash! (CREATE entry)


    I'm currently working on a 3D top-down hack 'n slash game for the CREATE game jam! I have fond memories of playing games like Gauntlet: Dark Legacy with friends over local multiplayer, so we're trying to make a similar game in a team of two.

    For the CREATE game jam, we're just putting everything inside of an arena to really focus on the gameplay. Long-term (i.e. for actual release) there will be actual levels to explore.

    Prototype Features:
    • Supports up to 4 players!
    • Each player controls a warrior character
    • Enemy skeletons will spawn in an arena as the party fights to survive!
    • Game stats are displayed once the entire party is defeated. Try and beat your friends!

    Long-term goals (tentative):
    • "Campaign" mode to go alongside Arcade mode
    • Focus primarily on local co-op. Online play _may_ be doable, but probably not at launch.
    • Power-ups! Think Gauntlet.
    • Multiple hero types with different attacks, rather than just the basic fighter seen in the prototype.
    • Free gameplay will include an arcade mode and a few levels. For-purchase will be something like "campaign packs" which include a bunch of levels and a new thematically-appropriate hero.

    CREATE entry page: - Tweet/Like it if you like the game!

    Development photos: Imgur album
    Development blog: Here

    Downloads: Android APK

    (Discussion on official OUYA forums here.)
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    OUYA Developer Athlor's Avatar
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    Jan 2013

    Very nice, I'll be looking forward to this game.

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    Great progress so far. Looks like a great game to play with my friends!

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    Nice man!! I'm waiting

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    Looking very cool so far. Keep up the good work
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    Glad to hear people are looking forward to it! Spent today learning NGUI and I've got health bars working with a main menu screen in progress! I also attached a photo of the game running on a dev console in the main post for fun.

    Prototype progress is looking good for CREATE!

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    Jan 2013

    Glad to see another combat oriented game in the works!
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    Bam! 4-player support for the prototype =]

    Also, we've settled on the name Project Onslaught for now! It may change before the final release, but that one at least doesn't seem to be taken by any other titles (whereas Onslaught is the name of a Wiiware game)

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    AWESOME! I think this is the first "new" OUYA game I have seen with 4 players!
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    Main post updated with our final YouTube video and APK for our CREATE entry =]


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