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    Is the Black OUYA Available?

    I don't know why it was available, maybe they found some in the corner.
    But if you keep watching Amazon then you might come across it.
    This week Amazon had some available, it was a limited quantity but they were available.
    Someone else pointed this out to me because he knows I was looking for one.
    Sold out in 2 days if I remember correctly, they only had 5 or 6.
    I should probably be keeping this to myself but I still haven't learned to be a selfish bastard.
    Otherwise, you're waiting on OUYA who said this summer which could mean late June or late September, who knows.
    Good luck.
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    heres the link if anybody wants it, 5 more in stock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by undftdroar View Post
    heres the link if anybody wants it, 5 more in stock.
    Three more in stock now.
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