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    Quote Originally Posted by Killswitch View Post
    Looks like this will be the year of the RPG on OUYA
    And thank goodness for that.

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    Hi everyone

    Not much progress since 2 weeks, but I've updated post 1 with some new shots, including animated GIFs. You can get now an idea on how the game looks like in motion

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    HUGE fan of the particle effects and dynamic camera angles. Really excited about this.

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    @Killswitch : No this is not the final look of the game yet, I'm thinking in getting a rendering asset for Unity (Skyshop) that will boost the rendering quality, though I don't think it will be usable in the OUYA build. The other option is to wait for Unity 5 and its new rendering engine. Currently I'm using a single simple shader for everything, so there is enough room for improvement

    @Hugo : Thanks ^^

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    I'm so excited for this project. I keep checking back in this thread just to remind myself how lucky I am to be a part of this community.

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    Thanks for your interest in my project

    Actually, I've started working with freelancers for the 3D assets. So expect a quality boost in the next shots ! (The 3D backgrounds and characters in the current shots are made by me). The bad news is that we are basically remaking everything, and as these artists are not full time on the project, this will take some time...

    I'm also looking for a 2D illustrator to remake my drawings, and maybe a sound / music designer if I'm not satisfied by what I will produce.

    My goal right now is to make a fully working part of the game, with a high quality finish, and then make an IndieGoGo campaign, with this playable demo as a proof of what we are capable of. If the founding is successful, this will allow the whole game to be done by these artists, and maybe even more !

    So, I'm sorry but don't expect new shots for at least 2 to 4 weeks... In the meantime, you can try Night Riders

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    You say all this like it's bad news but there's nothing wrong if you try your hardest to release the best game you can. I take this as all good news despite nothing being group that cares about visuals in the slightest. There are people such as elizabitcrusher who may be interested in being just what you need. She has a diverse library of music she does so make sure to listen to her samples. It also doesn't hurt to look at the rest of soundcloud.

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    When it comes to RPGs, bigger and better are always positives.

    Elizabitcrusher, I like some of her stuff and there are others here. But Unity collaboration section has a few that have some nice stuff, I have 2 pieces I may or may not use from there. I probably will but for different games than they were intended. But you may want to step into the paid job section for guys who are ready to roll.

    Search the Unity forums before you search Soundcloud just because the amount of stuff on Soundcloud will have you buried in no time. There is definitely good stuff there though.

    I can put up the 2 I got but both guys are too busy to do new work. One is going to do the theme of one of my games that got backburnered.

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