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    Amazing job, bakaneko! Loved the game ambience. Keep it up!

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    This does look very good! Do you have an estimated date of completion? I'd buy this game in a heartbeat!

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    I did not update this thread for a while, sorry!

    I've uploaded the opening of the game on YouTube:

    There's also much more informations and images on the official website. Please check it out:

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    I'm just speechless. By the look of your intro and a few seconds of ingame footage, it looks like the kind of game I hungered for for a very long time.
    Most of the time I keep my OUYA offline: please consider it before inserting a phone-home/always online DRM in your game. If you still plan to do so, please declare it. You don't want pirates, I don't want to be frauded.

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    Just take my money already! It's about time we got something this awesome on the Ouya. Not saying there aren't any good games, but this looks awesome!

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    I was going to post it the other day but figured I'd give you the chance to do it. People needed some reasons to get their minds off the other stuff. Looks good. I need to work on my intro...

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    I helped create a mini-game in Explosive Dinosaurs. Otakupunk played it, and now you can too!

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    Hey everyone, it has been a while! 2 years?

    Just wanted to update you about my works and plans.

    First, I've released the successor to my arcade racing game Night Riders, which is called Super Night Riders. It improves on the original OUYA game in every aspect. It's now available on Steam (Windows, Mac and Linux) and Xbox One.
    More information:

    My 3D JRPG Project Light is now called Light Fairytale. It has been in development since March 2014, and I now plan to release it around March 2018 - 4 years in development, though you can subtract 1 year dedicated to the development and maintenance of Super Night Riders. The game now has a Steam coming soon page, so please check it out and add it to your wishlist to not miss the release!
    More information:

    I'm also planning a 3rd game called Dark Fairytale, though it is still in the early stages of development and won't release for a while.

    As you can see, I'm currently focusing on Steam and Xbox One only. I do plan to support PS4 and Switch starting next year, but quite honestly, I doubt I will support anything mobile based anymore.

    This is probably the last time I post on these forums, so if you care about my works, please bookmark or follow me:


    Thank you for your support to Night Riders on OUYA

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