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    [J-RPG] Project Light (now on Steam!)


    Project Light - Now known as Light Fairytale - is available on Steam!
    Please give it a try and leave your feedback. Here's the link:


    I wanted to open a thread about my upcoming game on OUYA, codenamed "Project Light". Not much informations sorry, just wanted to show some screenshots and get a little feedback

    Project Light is a modern 3D turn-based Japanese-style RPG, set in a underground cyberpunk world ruled by a fierce empire. It is my second game on OUYA, after the 3D arcade racing game Night Riders (available now).

    Developed using the popular game engine Unity (my first time using it), it is still at a prototype level. I will try to update this thread every week or 2 showing the progress made on the game.

    Official webpage :

    Thanks for reading

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    OUYAForum Devotee Jeffry84's Avatar
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    it looks lovely, I'll keep an eye on it
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    Color me interested. I actually saw the silver haired character of yours on Deviant Art a week ago so it must be fate that your project was posted here.

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    Another Unity brother.
    Like where you're going so far though there isn't much like you said.
    But JRPGs will always get my attention.

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    @jeffry84: Thanks :3

    @RiotingSpectre: Thanks for visiting my DeviantArt ^^ I will upload more artworks from the game there soon.

    @Killswitch: I'm actually a total Unity noob "Night Riders" was made using my own engine, I started using Unity less than 2 months ago, and it is so simple to use and so much powerfull than any engine I would code myself

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    Guess I'll have to go search deviant for you.
    Newjack or veteran, you're still part of the Unity fraternity.

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    Turn-based JRPG? Keeping an eye on this.

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    Turn based RPG eh? Sounds rather snazzy. Will be watching this, especially as You are awesome with that Night Riders game (still love that game)!
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    @Hugo: Thanks ^^

    @Kaimega: Thanks :3 I'm still planning to update Night Riders from time to time (it have been nearly one year since the first version on Google Play), but as you can see, I'm also working on others big things at the same time

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