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Thread: Rossman

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    Lightbulb Rossman

    Category: Platformer, Adventure
    Developed with: Game Maker 8.1
    Vista Compatible: Yes
    Changes Screen Resolution: Yes (Not in current demo though)
    Number of Players: One player
    Controller Support: Yes

    This game is also compatible with the Xbox 360 Controllers, and Logitech F310 and F710 controllers on PC

    The past 10 years I wanted to create a character that everybody can love and enjoy, and also a character for the kids of this generation. So begins the birth of Rossman. Rossman is an upcoming indie 2D side-scrolling platformer. I chose to make the game Episodic with only 2 Episodes.

    Rossman must save his girlfriend Ericka Debouis from his father's enemy Dr. Ace and stop him from succeeding with his plot to complete the takeover of the Newlin Kingdom. Rossman is a gifted teenager with free speed running abilities allowing him to blaze through areas using his speed and he can also run up walls using the wall dash to get to higher ground! Before the incident Dr. Ace had feuded with Rossman's father for losing his top position at a scientific facility in the real world. After discovering a portal that led to an unknown world, Dr. Ace set his sights on ruling it. After finding out the link between that world and Ericka Debouis being the Princess of that world, Dr. Ace took action against Rossman. His main objective is to finish the Black Spade and complete his takeover of the Newlin Kingdom.

    Feedback is strongly welcome!


    While I've done most of the work myself, I've recruited various people to help me with the game development.
    Jason Wingfield provided the main characters artwork and the Rossman sprites itself.
    Cubedtothex provided me with 2 music tracks for the game.
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    Very cool! Looks like some old school fun
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    Thanks SamJ! Ever since I found out about OUYA months ago, I said to myself "I HAVE to get Rossman on this console!"
    Here is the first trailer of game play from February 2012, a lot was changed as development continues.

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    What other systems is the game on?

    BTW just noticed your controls listed are incorrect for the OUYA console
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    My apologies about the controls, I think I got carried away with that lol!

    Its currently on PC right now but if I get enough funds I'll be able to port it with ease on certain platforms.

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    updated the first post! We've now launched our official kickstarter!

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