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    The Battlecruiser Dilemma


    Take your hyperfighter into battle against the greatest threat Earth has ever seen!

    "Oh dear. This is going to hurt, isn't it?"

    The Battlecruiser Dilemma is an alternate shoot'em up designed around the idea of a small fighter attacking a massive battlecruiser in space. Not to make it easy on you, the battlecruiser can send punishing amounts of firepower and missiles. Your job is to destroy the ship by bombing all the exhaust vents before the ship reaches Earth and destroys our home forever.

    Unlike most shooters, you're going to need both reflexes and brains to stop these behemoths! Do you go for the engines to slow it down? Do you take out the bridges to reduce the rate of fire? Or do you try to take out the warhead launchers in hopes that you can destroy the ship before it can repair them and destroy Earth?

    Whatever choice you make, make it fast. Hyperfighting isn't for whimps. You've got limited opportunity to sting these giants before they breeze by you like the gnat you are.

    Too big for 1080p? You betcha.

    The game is currently in development for the CREATE game jam contest. Feel free to share your thoughts and watch this space for more development info!

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    Looks interesting. Any videos of it yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by batCrazy View Post
    Looks interesting. Any videos of it yet?
    Very soon now. I'm hoping to go from the basics I have now to a full fledged game over this long weekend. So keep an eye out here and you should hear quite a bit in the next few days!

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    (Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sappy stuff about me intended to make you sit up and take interest in the person behind the game. Scroll to the end if you don't care.)

    POST 2: THE CREATOR (V'Ger?)

    Hi everyone! My name is Jerason Banes. In some circles I'm known as "thewiirocks" or TWR for short. I'm the guy who's developing The Battlecruiser Dilemma. On my own, sadly.

    I currently the sole proprietor of and, two immensely popular web-gaming sites for the Nintendo 3DS and DSi. I also self-publish an iPad game called Coverfire HD under the brand Infinite Sands.

    I was active member of the community for a number of years, ultimately developing the GAGETimer API which ended up in a number of commercial games. I also competed in the Java 4K contest, winning in 2004 and just barely losing to Notch in 2007. (Quite a story behind that.)

    In 2007 I developed the WiiCade API, a solution for accessing all the features of the Wiimote in Flash and Javascript. This lead to some pretty awesome web games...

    As you can probably tell, I really like creating classic games. The ability to take good ideas that never got a chance to shine and bring them back to life is really something I find special. (In fact, there are a few classic gamers out there that just might recognize the inspiration for The Battlecruiser Dilemma. Probably not too many, but a few.)

    Unfortunately, game creation is only a hobby. My day job is designing petabyte-scale data analytics systems that tell hospitals how to save lives and provide better care. It's an intensely difficult job, but also an immensely satisfying one. So while I'm not planning on leaving my day job any time soon, I'm excited about working closely with the Ouya community to create some really awesome games! Perhaps there are even a few of you out there who are interested in collaborating on The Battlecruiser Dilemma?

    So that's who I am. I'm pretty quiet most of the time (except when I'm not), but I hope to be a solid contributor to this community.

    Speaking of which, here's some more info about The Battlecruiser Dilemma:

    Is that a battlecruiser in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

    There are a couple things to notice in this screenshot:

    • I'm aiming to support up to four players blasting at the battlecruiser. After all, what good is a game console if you can't play with friends?

    • Special effects are very important. The stars you see are zipping by at incredible speeds, the engines on the battlecruiser are literally glowing, and before I even started on the game I developed an explosion effect that whooshes away from the ship as if pulled away by an incredible hyperspace wind. This game will be white. knuckled.

    • The screenshot was scaled down from 720p. These battlecruisers are BIG. They simply do not fit on the screen at any given time. A lot of the development being done right now is to fill out all the components that make the battlecruiser so dangerous. That's why you have seen (and will continue to see) a number of naked areas on the craft.

    Next steps:

    1. Use the long weekend to get the game ready for the CREATE compo
    2. Post a video tomorrow
    3. Start posting APKs for folks to try out (Sunday?)
    4. Finish game at last minute
    5. Submit game to CREATE
    6. Win competition
    7. Run away with Felicia Day (as soon as I get permission from my wife)
    8. ???
    9. PROFIT! (Kickstart to fund a team? Launch on the Ouya? Tweet my adventures with Felicia? Give me some options, people!)

    Keep tuned into this thread for more news! Thanks for all your interest!

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    I stitched together a few screenshots to bring you a new screenshot:

    Starting to look like something in desperate need of killing, doesn't it? Keep in mind that this is still all pre-prod. The look is continuously getting refined as I go along. The layout of the battlecruiser is especially subject to change as it hasn't gone through gameplay testing.

    I'm particularly hopeful I'll be able to get more than one battlecruiser design in the final product, but we'll have to see what the time constraints have to say.

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    Looks cool man. Sounds like you have been doing this for a long time, it's good to have you in the community
    Follow me on Twitter! - @Sam_Jessop

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    Thanks SamJ! I know the video still shows things in their early stages, but I'm just itching to show you guys the game once the guns of the battleship go live. It's going to be a sight to see!

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    Very cool man, I especially appreciate how good your explosion particle effects look! Keep up the work everything is looking awesome!

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    POST 4: THE DEMO (-lition man?)

    Alright guys, it's what you've been waiting for. A demo of the game-in-progress is now available for your Ouya:

    APK Download Thread

    Try it out and let me know your thoughts. Also, let me know if you have any technical issues getting the APK installed. This is the first time I'm releasing an app to the public, and I'm not completely sure I did it correctly.

    Keep on gaming!

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