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    Last Stand At Iabreth - Gamejam game

    Hiya everyone. I'm jumping in on the Kill Screen Create gamejam for Ouya. I was a super early backer, and while I didn't think I'd have time to develop an Ouya game, 10 days is just the right amount of crazy for me to try something.

    Follow along the development, with art, code snippets and more at

    Go Ouya!

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    What is the plot of this game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlanWake View Post
    What is the plot of this game?
    As far as the player is concerned, all they'll know when the game starts is that they're standing on a lonely hill, presumably called Iabreth, and that hostile creatures start coming at them. From there it's kill or be killed.

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    Looks incredible, loving the art style! Looks like you're going be some serious competition for that prize money

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    Looks quite cool, liking the stuff from your blog, too. Hope things are still going well!
    Haven Luckenbill - @bluecollarart -

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    I'm looking for games that people can play at an OUYA themed meetup on Jan 24th. Wondering if Last Stand at Iabreth will be ready by then / if you'd be interested in having it included?

    Also, I was going to ask about the runes in the picture up top of this post, but then I looked closer and realised it is the name of the game spelled out!
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