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    Hi guys. I already left a partial introduction but what the hell.

    Names Rioting Spectre, I specialize in video games such as the Sega Saturn and N64. So if you have any questions about video game consoles and the like, come to me and I'll give you answers backed up by years of experience and facts. I currently don't have a Ouya but am getting one at launch. I'm extremely truthful about my responses and tend to rub people the wrong way because of it... My mannerism are rather unique and my family and I have a really twisted sense of humor so just to let you know. I'm not a jerk but a poorly misunderstood person due to years of repression.

    I'm currently being stalked by a mod on these forums for some reason. Whether he's after my Kitkats or my soul; he's not going to get either one of them.

    Nice to meet you, all.

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    As a new guy here I'd like to say...


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    Hi! How are ya?

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    I'm doing wicked good, yourself?

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    Hello there!

    I am Chelsea Baker from Los Angeles, Ca. I just want to say hello to all the readers and members out there! So glad to be here. Thanks

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    What's crack-a-lackin?

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    Hello to you too. Here for anything specific? Or just a general OUYA fan?

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    Hello guys, My name is Matt. And I love gaming I am from Egypt and I wish I can get an ouya. After many years of gaming on PC ( Never had a console actually ). I decided to buy an OUYA .. I don't know why, but ouya is something that I loved. I love how its open for everyone . Although I never learnt coding or been interested that much, I plan on getting started on coding games for ouya and they will be 100% free.

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    Hi there!

    I'm Alex, a 19 year old student from Germany, currently living in Norway!
    I've had a big interest in the Ouya ever since its kickstarter days, and have always been up-to-date with the most recent news about the console, since I'm planning to buy it on launch day. I must admit, that is because I didn't quite trust the developers to actually deliver a completed product in the short amount of time they'd set themselves, but it turned out they were more than capable of doing it, so now they're "worthy" to get what little money I have as a student.
    What really makes the Ouya worth it in my opinion though, is that it comes with potentially many free games, and that it allows me to run emulators on my TV, which no other console does at the moment. That's what really makes it stand out for me, and why I'm going to get it.

    Next to my studies, I'm also running a blog called Ouya Update together with a friend of mine from Germany (Matt). We aim to eventually turn it into a news website featuring everything you need to know about the Ouya - kind of like a digital magazine! If any of you is a self-proclaimed writer or website designer and wants to work together with us, feel free to contact us on our blog!

    So yeah, that's basically it - I'm sure I'll have a great time around here with your community, and hopefully Matt and me will be able to contribute something worthwhile!

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