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    Hello everyone!

    My name is Henke and I've spent the better part of my 38 years as a swedish resident. I've been a gamer for more than 30 years by now, starting in 1981 I think. When it comes to games I've been a fan of Minecraft for quite a while now. And of course Dungeon Keeper back in the days. What else? Civilization of course, all of them except #5 which just seems stupid.

    And I have never, EVER played a WW2-shooter, and I never will.

    I'm a software tester by profession, which makes me a non-coding developer, and I'm going to have some serious fun with this little manick.

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    OUYA Fan Jordan Cooper's Avatar
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    Jan 2013
    IA, United States

    Hello, all! I'm Jordan, from the Midwest. I heard about Ouya before the Kickstarter, and it just gave me the same spark that reading the book Snow Crash did, with their futuristic portable computers. Granted, this is just a game console, but technology is getting close to reaching that point. I want to be there, and to enjoy it. Thus, the money escaped from my wallet and found its way to Kickstarter. Plus, I like me some video games. XD As an early 20-something with nothing to look forward to but the future and a passion for the vidya, maybe I can pick something up, and stop living myself to death.

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    Hi there! I'm Javi a.k.a. JP Haukka, 23 and Spanish gaymer, owner of a bunch of consoles inside a TARDIS, but, since me getting an Ouya on its launch day is a fixed point in time, I can't cheat and get mine already. Just new in all this, so I'm really looking forward to develop and play with you guys!

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    Hello, my name is Antonio Lima, I live in Brazil, I love video games, like a lot of Playstation games, as well as retro games from the golden age nitendinho, mega drive. I graduated in graphic design and make a course of specialization in production and scheduling of games, I would love to learn how to make games in OUYA.

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    Hey, my name is Jens and I live in Germany. I am Gamer and own the Blog GameExperience for more than 20 year and I hope that the release of Ouya gives the industry a push towards more innovations and more creative games.

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    OUYA Developer GnomicStudios's Avatar
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    Perth, Western Australia

    Hi, my name is Aranda and I'm the lead coder for Gnomic Studios. I've been gaming since I started in the late 80s on Vic20 and C64 with games like Barbarian, IK+, Spyhunter, Creatures... too many to list. I think OUYA is a great opportunity for indie developers such as myself to bring a new wave of games to people's televisions. Looking forward to bringing our game Square Off and all our future games to OUYA.

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    OUYA Devotee Michael Thompson's Avatar
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    Jan 2013
    Atco, New Jersey


    Michael, here. (strider_mt2k)
    Big fan of Android gaming as well as hardware hacking and other geeky tech pursuits.
    I look forward to gaming on and modifying my Ouya, as well as sharing my ideas and experiences with my fellow Ouya enthusiasts.

    I was originally a nay-sayer against this system, but I have realized that it has a lot of potential and now can be counted among the many folks who are ready for spring to arrive!
    Black 16GB Ouya - Mods: black Xbox thumb sticks
    Original 8GB Ouya - Mods: black Xbox thumb sticks, central brass foot, Noctua fan, additional copper heat sinks, external WiFi antenna, cold air intake

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    Hello everybody my name is EnderRawr and I usually game on my PC. When I saw the OUYA it immediately caught my attention. I can't wait to get it. I hope that they will get Minecraft on it because if they do that will be the first game that I get.

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    Cool My intro & just pre-ordered OUYA

    I cannot wait to get my Ouya this June. Just pre-ordered one on Amazon!

    I am mainly getting the Ouya to play "schmups" on it. I love old-school style shooter games (and MAME!). Ouya is what I have been waiting for! I also love how you can hook a projector up to it! Portable systems better look out! I also write for a website, and am writing another article on the Ouya as I type this.

    Can't wait to check out the games section here to see what I have to look forward to!

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    Hiya, my name is Michael Torres and I'm the... I don't know I guess idea guy. Game designer, would you call it? Concept and Mechanics dude of EmpireGamingLLC. We picked up the Developers package off the OUYA kickstarter and suddenly thought we were game developers. Here we are some 6-8 months later and it's about to be true. If all goes well, we'll be releasing our first project on March 28th. We are a couple programmers, a retail employee, a network engineer, a student, and me, a warehouse grunt. Not exactly the best and brightest, but we've got the passion and the ideas. All we need now is the support, I think we'll find it here.

    Thanks for having me in your community.

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