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    Hi shayan, welcome to the forum. Enjoy!

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    Hey people, Janus here. :-)
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    just joined here with all my fresh ideas to share and have a great stay here..

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    Hi there, my name's Tony. Better known by my nickname TimeWalker.

    I'm from Switzerland and right now still in school. I'm an avid player. I like to play a wide range of Games. My most favorite genres are Music/Rhythm games, Puzzler, Plattformers and racing games. I have quite an collection of games and consoles ranging from NES and Mega Drive to current Xbox 360 and PS3.
    What I also like to do is programming. Programming is my passion and I like to program small games for PC or build up some web pages.

    Right now I don't have an OUYA yet. I've been following the console since day one and already saw the ups and downs of this console. Meanwhile, I tried the OUYA out at a friend's place. With the current Indie Kickstarter projects and now trying it out I really like the OUYA more and more. So I'll be getting myself one soon.
    Not only that but I'll also plan to develop games for the OUYA. I already have a running project for the OUYA and hope to show it one day!

    So that's pretty much all I wanted to say here. Hope everything will go fine!

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    Hello all;
    Looks like pretty impressing site. I owned sat. boxes before, newbie with Ouya. Hope I can learn some stuff from you pros and pass it on to someone else when needed.

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    Hello to all good people over here
    I've been reading a lot of stuff from here for some time now, and been reading and researching about OUYA from early kickstarter days.
    living in country that is last hole on earth, has only disadvantages, specially for stuff like new gadgets, but finally, my OUYA unit is arriving around the new year so i decided that is time to get actively involved here

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    Welcome to the forum you two. If you need anything then don't hesitate to contact Staff.

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    Hi Everyone ,

    I'm new to the website although I have been reading and viewing the website for a few months now pretty much ever since the launch OUYA came out. My names David (Dave for Short) I'm from Oregon.

    I'm a recreational gamer. I first heard about OUYA through Kickstarter's page like most of you did I'm sure. My parents just got me an OUYA for Merry Christmas, I can't wait to play it. I'll probably have to hold off for a few more days though before I can because I'm having my friend over spending a few days at my apartment on Tuesday. And he likes his Playstation so I probably won't have the time yet to gets things going with my OUYA like I'd like But I will soon. Also I think it's The Limited Edition White OUYA my parents got for me, so I'll see about taking some photos of it with my camera out of the Box and everything. And posting some on here. When I get the chance to when it's free time again for me. Since when my friend spends the night at my place he usually stays over for several days since he doesn't have any access to internet connection where he lives at like I do.

    Any who, glad to be aboard this forum. Feel free to message me (PM) If you have any questions about my profile or anything what ever or just want to talk. I'm super tired now so I'm hitting the hay. And going to bed. Goodnight!


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