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    OUYA Fan Introduction Thread

    OK guys, I thought this would be an excellent way of getting to know each other. Afterall, I fully expect the OUYA community to grow exponentially once the OUYA comes out in March/April. Feel free to introduce yourself, let us know your OUYA username, how you normally game, and anything else about yourselves.

    I'll get it started.

    My name is Frank Eveblotch, and I live in Tampa, Florida. I am typically a recreational gamer. I mostly play Xbox 360 and games on my mini iPad. I'm a huge fan of the OUYA, and expect to continue to be. I heard about the OUYA from Ed (owner of this site), who is a good friend of mine. I am 25 years old, and engaged to the love of my life.


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    Hi all...

    and thx for OUYA forum for following me on twitter @tsugamumasakoto. It seems that OUYA offers a lot new innovations, especially for indie developers. And since I am about to work in indie developer studio called "Agate Studio" in Yogyakarta, I would be so pleased if OUYA sells well here in Indonesia..

    Well, my complete name is Wisnu Setioko, but you call me Wisnu. I'm usually nick-named myself "tsugamu". Hope we all can learn new things here...

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    My name is Miguel Vallés. I live in Teruel, Spain and I'm 22. My OUYA username is DeadGhost.

    I am also a recreational gamer, although I enjoy playing any kind of videogame. I mostly play Xbox 360 and PC, and a little Wii too (its hardcore games like Zelda, Metroid or Xenoblade). I love what OUYA has to offer, it can become the definitive indie gaming platform, hopefully. I first heard about the OUYA in its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

    I'm a videogame developer at Teku Studios (owner and lead programmer. @TekuStudios), and I hope that our first game can eventually reach OUYA.
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    Hey guys my name is Douglas im 17. Im a gamer on the mobile side mainly because other competitors are lacking today. Ouya is looking amazing, I will most definitely be getting one! I play games like Dead Trigger, Need for Speed, and Dead Space on android.

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    Hello - I'm not a gamer - haven't really used my PC for gaming the past decade, and never really saw the reason for buying a console. I really do not know why the OUYA actually fires me up like this, but it does. On the other hand it must be the price, openness and flexibility - I really love the thought. But also a hope that other multimedia applications will reveal them selves - for instance for streamingservices. If the mony is available, I'm getting one.

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    Hello, my name is Bennett, and I live in Columbus Ohio, USA. I'm a 25-year-old guy. My OUYA username is beaver_regnew, same as my handle on this forum. I am not a very invested gamer (as in, I suck and I don't play much), but I really love video games. I've played all the classic Nintendo systems; my current systems are my modded Gamecube and my PSP. And PC I suppose, since I have some games on my netbook. I've been a fan of open source / Linux software for a number of years, so when I saw the OUYA on Kickstarter I just had to get involved. I'm very excited about the openness to developers; I have an idea for a game of my own, but no programming or design experience, so I'm not actually expecting that to happen. In any case, I am very much looking forward to getting my OUYA and playing what's already out there.

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    Hallo everyone. My ouya username is Triodefreak. I'm not a gamer. Well I used to play Radofin and ZX Spectrum 48k when I was a kid. Then some doom in the pc era. And far cry when it first came out.

    My kids have an XBOX. And I got an ouya because of the principle. Just seemed so cool. And cheap. Very excited that it will be able to work as a media player with XBMC.

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    Hello, my name is Connor. I'm a 20 year old college student studying graphic design. I live in Washington state, an hour north of Seattle. I've been stuck on video games ever since my best friend gave me his Gameboy and a copy of Pokemon Ruby in 5th grade. I wasn't allowed to own any gaming consoles, so I kept my gameboy hidden for a long time.

    My gamertag is GalacticUnicorn. I play PS3 mainly, with a few mobile and PC games. I found Ouya on Kickstarted and was instantly intrigued. I preordered one right away and have been looking forward to the release ever since.

    I consider myself a hardcore recreational gamer because I like the hardcore games, but I don't often have much time to play; school comes first.

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    Hello, I'm Marc. I'm 35 and I've been working as a Android Apps developer. Last year I released my personal game project to Google Play named Number Wave. Actually I'm writting Androuya, a spannish blog about this great console as a project too.

    I'm entusiast of this indie revolution.

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    Ello, names Ukee. I live in California. I have been an arcade gamer for around 20 years. I don't make games only play but I think I might try learing a new skill and experiament with the Ouya.

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