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    Lightbulb OPifex Entertainment: Oscar Papa

    For the Ouya CREATE game jam, we've been creating a game called "Oscar Papa". It's a side-view shooting game, focused on four player local multiplayer.
    We don't have a whole lot to show off just yet, but here's a couple of our main models:

    If you're interested, you check us out on:

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    We hope our game will live up to the quality of our sound guys! Check out their work:

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    This game has me a bit intrigued. I want to see some videos.

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    So, we weren't able to get all of our assets into the game, at least for the Ouya CREATE game jam... however you can check out what we did get done here:

    We made Versus mode as awesome as possible for the hopefully local-multiplayer judges

    The key to our combat is fluid movement, complete control over speed and maneuverability, and a double-gun system that takes skill & patience to master.

    Our plans are to complete the game's co-op mode for the release of the Ouya, so keep a look out for us on day 1!

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    This looks great! Love the models too- very nice work!

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    Thank you very much! We're going to work hard to finish it so that everyone can play when the Ouya is released.

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    Hey everyone!

    If you're liking the look of Oscar Papa, and you want to see more, please take a second to support us in the Ouya CREATE game jam!

    Like, tweet, thumbs up, and share our entry:

    We really appreciate your support! And stay tuned, because we're working on a better video to show off the other features & ideas we have for co-op mode.


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