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    [OUYA CREATE entry] Dark Reflections (previously called: Project GauntDead)

    Hi folks, My name's Jonay Rosales Gonzalez, an Indie developer in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

    Proyect GauntDead was days ago a smash-up between L4Dead(Zombie theme) and Gauntlet... but the games turns to another interestin way... and this way now's Called Dark Reflections.

    About Dark Reflections:

    - Dark Reflections is an experimental Shooter where your worst enemy is you, or better said: your own dark side. That means the goal of the game is Defeat your dark reflection. But won't be easy, because the time and your skills will put you in danger, and the dark reflection's copies will try to stop you too.

    What means that?

    1º your health decreases every second

    2º the game difficulty will increase in different ways depending on your skills, even applying rules that makes the game even more difficult(on coop- multiplayer mode).

    3º your dark reflection/s will get more powerfull every time he escapes from you.

    4º every time you clear a level, will apply the 2 previous rules.

    5º there are "infinite" levels... until you defeat your dark reflection(or all your dark reflections, if you are palying coop) or you die triying...

    How we can stop the innevitable?

    1º exploring every corner of the stage, searching for items and secret rooms.

    2º destroying twisted mirrors, which regenerates dark copies.

    3º find your dark reflection, fight him, and not let him/them escape until is/are dead. When he's low on health, he'll try to scape from any twisted mirror or going to the exit.

    - About Progress:

    here you can see each day progress of my game:

    Day ONE:

    Day TWO:

    Day Three:

    at the moment I'm using place holders.

    Hope you like it.
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    This looks very interesting. Can't wait to see some more. Do you have any videos you can post?
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    just added to main post.


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