I've been receiving a lot of requests lately to change account names because people are unaware that once you use the Facebook platform to sign-up for OUYAForum it uses your Facebook account name. I also get requests for people who want to change their account names from their real names to handle-names because they'd feel more comfortable. We can't change the Facebook platform and it's like this on every forum that has it implemented. I am however advertising that if you want your account name changed on the grounds that it it uses your real name such as the two example given above then I'll gladly change it to something else. Just private message me by clicking here and telling me what you want your new account name to be.

Note: Some names are already taken and if that's the case then you'll have to choose something else. You can choose to request a name change in this thread, but for various reasons I'd like to keep this matter private if possible.