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    It is, however, a video game. Why not settle on giving the genre a name? I mean some purists claim "modern" video games are just movies in disguise and so on. I can't understand how moving images on a screen with rules and som sort of goal/point (a.k.a. video games) can't apply to games that focus on story over gameplay. It's not for everyone, but it is video games...?
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    It looks very good. As far as gameplay goes, that can only be judged after playing the game first. The theme may be well-known to many but there are people in the world (for example, kids) who don't know about it. (And this particular story may not be known to many.)
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    all i want is a release date lol but we all know how that works............................................. .......................

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    Quote Originally Posted by RiotingSpectre View Post
    I find that impossible to believe. Granted no individual is taught the same as another in a different location whether they be from across the street, or across the country, but this is common sense. If you have anyone then you have slavery. Wal-Mart is well-known for having Chinese slaves, North Korea is nothing but slaves to their government, and any place that has a single African American has slavery. Saying you weren't aware of this is like saying that breathing oxygen is unknown to mankind.
    I'm aware of that kind of slavery that creates images of factory workers chained up in communists countries. However, I learned about them after being out of school. I remember asking a high school teacher something like,"The Soviet Union collapsed but since China still exists then why is the Cold War over? Aren't they commies too? Communism hasn't been annihilated yet..." She gave a very vague answer something like,"Soviet communism was evil but Chinese communism is good." I took it as something like the Chinese were voluntarily redistributing their wealth and happy about it or something. It even left me with the impression that she would be for the idea of the US becoming a part of China. But if I ran into her today I feel like I would have to ask the original question again.

    Anyway, I meant slavery not just in the forced labor sense but in the sense that your neighbor could come over for dinner, notice that you have a pet dog and a slave, and see no difference between the dog and slave because to the both of you your slave is just another pet that neither of you recognize as human. You know, the kind of slavery where you own a plantation and there is someone living with you who calls you master type slavery. I thought back then that was exclusively a US white supremacy thing.

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    Seems like a puzzlely platformer not unlike: Another World, Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey, Flashback, ICO, Limbo or Prince of Persia. I like all those games, sure I'll like this one.
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    I see on Wikipedia that it's now expected for 2016. It just occured to me that such a game was supposed to appear on Discover and then no more news.
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    I will try to talk with the developer ... i have some the personal contact! I will post here for more news!

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    Bad news... There is the awnser about the game on OUYA (in portuguese)
    Olá Toze!

    Tudo bem? Obrigado pelo teu email. Para falar a verdade, tivemos de parar o desenvolvimento do Thralled por um bocado. Nós estávamos dependentes do orçamento da Ouya, e quando a Ouya - de repente - se foi abaixo, tivemos de parar. Estamos de momento á procura de investidores novos.*

    Postaremos noticias em breve acerca do que se está a passar. De qualquer forma, não vamos desistir do jogo.*



    (My email question )

    2016-02-07 2:08 GMT-08:00 Toze Leal:

    Bom dia Miguel!

    Vinha perguntar o atual estado do jogo thralled, visto que a comunidade Ouya nunca mais recebeu noticias novas acerca do jogo que promete ser um sucesso

    Aguardo resposta


    It looks he needs more money to make the game.
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    He should have enough of game that someone would look at it. What was that fund Kellee was with...seems like their type of game and would not be surprised if this was one of her pets. Indie Fund? Sounds right.....


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