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  1. Google works but is critically broken now and needs to be replaced

    No doubt Google is good but its crossed over a crucial line and is on a steep slippery slope now. What you see on Google is now determined by the highest bidder (that's pure censorship) and that...
  2. Verbase is a radical spam, ad and sponsor free search engine

    Really what the net and search and distribution systems like Amazon do for us is bring us the...
  3. We need media organizations that aren't built around conflicts of interest

    KPFK under Pacifica was founded to only take donations for listeners. It's a very liberal station, but recently its NY affiliate was found taking $10000 from Halliburton through Merrill Lynch. It...
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    Yeah and I think that's part of sponsorship. Its...

    Yeah and I think that's part of sponsorship. Its an effect of it. But to me the basic technology behind search is not compatible with sponsorship, it basically makes it obsolete. The continued...
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    that's close but probably a non-profit organization vice a typical public corporation where there is a split of interests and often an out right conflict of interest between customers and...
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    Coercive Speech(ism)

    A kind of coercive speech(ism), if you will. Money or capital is speech but coercive speech. The traditional bit about showing fire in a crowded theater is too mild, its closer to lethal threats or...
  7. Duplicate, but my prior post had a pretty...

    Duplicate, but my prior post had a pretty egregious error.

    Ouya founder said no ads on the platform but cant stop them in the games. So my calling Ouya a sponsor box was at the very least ...
  8. Its so simple its hard to see but OUYA got ganked...

    Its so simple its hard to see but OUYA got ganked by it at E3. E3 apparently barred OUYA and then blocked them with a truck so they couldn't be seen from an adjacent parking lot. That's called...
  9. Only your money: Oym

    This would be an attempt to define a business structure that was loyal to the interests of its actual customers and an understanding that stakeholders at the base of the pyramid should come way...
  10. Thread: Ad Box One

    by Alex

    Ad Box One

    Ad Box One
    Right now according to polls, albeit from questionable sponsored sources, PS4 is set to outsell Xbox One by at least 3 to 1. It wouldn't be surprising if it happened, but it would be a...
  11. OnLive's fabled OLIVES and the perfection of the private cloud. Could it free us?

    In the legendary days of OnLive a reporter visited the facilities and came back a believer because OnLive apparently had a patent on a technology (Olives) which was core to their system and which...
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    Other Console Sub Thread?

    Assuming we could talk about the other major market forces that will help make or break Ouya and OnLive....

    Xbox One vs PS4

    Both firms choose what amount to mid grade living room PCs that are...
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    It was exciting when Ouya was another platform...

    It was exciting when Ouya was another platform for OnLive when OnLive was on top of the world. But now its a developer and ad focused platform that allows you to run you mobile phone games on your...
  14. Give End User Full Control Over the End User Interface- Always empower the end user.

    The PC and local systems were great because they empowered the end user and in particular gave the end user control over the user interface and what they saw. They were almost completely...
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