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    *takes notes* Got it.

    I know, but since you said 'salty snacks' for your roommate, I suggested exactly that. Snacks covered in salt lol. But she doesn't like those so...

    Doritos are cool. The "X" ones are probably the best. If not then the ranch ones. Cheese flavored is too overused. Everybody has something cheese-flavored nowadays. Wouldn't be surprised if Kellogg's made a cheese flavored cereal.

    I didn't really know that, honestly... I learned something new today. $100 for 30 Hershey Kisses-sized chocolates??!!! Holy crap!... Wow lol

    I use sticky notes. Both physical and digital (smartphone). I have a bulletin board stuck on the wall in my room. There I have a calendar, sticky notes and a map of the US. Oh, text files on my computer work for me too. I see my computer everyday, so I just put a text file with a HUGE name on my desktop so I see it as soon as I log on.

    Forgetting things suck, but I find my way over it.
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    Lol I'll keep that in mind. I'll put it on my "How to annoy RiotingSpectre" list.

    They're not that bad. They're basically corn chips coated with loads of salt. You can taste the salt just by opening the bag. Pringles aren't that bad either

    Yeah, you told me you bought something online when you were showing me the candy links the other day... Yesterday?.. I can't remember. You showed me some Sour Skittles... Some 8 pound chocolate that cost over 50 bucks. Some other Skittles that you said were your new favorites... Never told me what exactly that 100 dollar item was though. I assume it's a life-size version of RDJ but in chocolate.
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    Any kind are good in my opinion, but my faves are the originals.

    That's pretty selfish lol... Salty...Fritos are pretty salty. I like those. Or Pringles might work. If you can't find her climax pretzels, get her those. So if someone wants your love, all they need to do is buy lots o' chocolate. For your roommate, it has to be lots o' pretzels lol
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    Also, you could buy some frosting separately and add it to the cake yourself... I just thought of that. Next time I go to the Super Market, I'm buying me some frosting. Genius.
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    It's good. Look at it! Yum.

    Get some ice-cream too. Here's your shopping list:

    Sara Lee pound cake
    Ice-cream (Preferably vanilla)
    Lemon juice

    .... Yep, that's just about it. Get me some Sun Chips while you're at it. I'll pay you the money when you get back.
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    Hey... Gotta be healthy... Though I've only been eating marshmallow pies and glazed doughnuts this weekend xD

    Cake sounds nice. I usually get the Sara Lee pound cake. I put the cake on a plate (rhymez), right next to some vanilla ice-cream. Awww man, best thing ever.

    Coffee is good if you drink it in moderation. Has too much caffeine... Too much coffee and you'll stay awake for day's. You'll look like this. No bueno.

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    Candy, eh? Some candies are worse than the actual juice. I just add honey to it to make it sweeter. Plus honey is *supposedly* good for the skin. I get a clean skin and vitamin c at the same time. It's a win/win situation!

    Buy yourself some lemon juice and honey. Drink that and you'll get superpowers.
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    Like yesterday... Unproductive? lol

    You know what brings me up when I'm sick? Lemon juice with honey. A few spoons of honey to make it candy sweet :3
    That's what I used last time I was sick and the next day I had my energy back.
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    Me? Depends on your definition of productive. I did my laundry, took a quiz, gave my dog 3 minutes of attention, fed him and the cow-cat, cleaned my room a bit, cleaned the bathroom a bit, ehrm.... I didn't save the world today but.. I dunno. Guess not. It's Sunday though. Sunday was made to chill out and relax ; to get ready for the poop-storm that Monday has in store for you.
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    Oh yah, that's exactly how it's destined to do down.
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