View Full Version : Screenshot search and more ways to discover games from within the console.

01-22-2014, 08:17 PM
I am quite a new OUYA developer/gamer and I wasn't able to find a good way to discover/browse games that are not featured.
In matter of fact at first I thought there arn't that many games on OUYA because I thought the featured games are all the games there are.
Then I found about the search option which is good if you know the name of the game but is not really an option to discover or browse non featured games.

Even this forum is not an effective way for me to browse and find new games. Well it's certainly informative but it's a slow way to spot a gem.

So... I would like to make this thread a place to suggest ways OUYA can let players discover games from within the system.
Or if you think I am wrong and OUYA is fine as is.

The first idea I had is a screenshot browser. Kind of like #screenshotsaturday if you know but with the screenshots from the games.
You simply have a big wall of small screenshots the player can skim through and if he notice something he likes he can focus on it and etc.
You could do the same for videos though that might be more problematic. Perhaps when publishing a game you can submit a short low bit rate video or a gif that is specific for this purpose.

Well those seems to be the easiest ones to implement since they use existing resources.
Another thing that I noticed is that there is no webpage for the games like there are in other app stores?
So I can't browse the games even in my browser?

There is OUYAlytics, but it seems kind of shady with ads and I am not sure if it's an official OUYA website.
Also it seems shady to me because it also provide you with the game's APK.

So I guess it is possible to get the list of games and their screenshots from some server.

Now someone needs to pick up the glove and implement a nice screenshot browser page for the games. :)

What do you think? Do you have your own ideas for discoverability?