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11-05-2013, 04:48 PM
First of all, let's me say the truth, i really enjoyed with my OUYA console and still nowadays, not only me, even my brothers and friends who actually wasn't care at all for a micro-console from the beginning but yet they enjoyed to play it, the simplicity and playing indie games at TV with gamepad, it's a something we all had grown up and we still holding a nostalgic memories at our hearts, the game "amazing frog" (http://forums.ouya.tv/discussion/1662/amazing-frog)this game had reminded me how was awesome GTA 3 when released on PS2, well done OUYA team :pride:!!

so my aim for this post, is to help the next OUYA from some problems i had, I'm writing this notes from gamer/game developer experiences standpoint, also it's better to understand that I'm not trying to bash the current OUYA console or trying to be skeptical for any upcoming news or improvements to the current one, the problems i will highlight it here is might be improved via regular updates !!.

here the problems list:

[1- Controllers register/connection problems]:
I still don't understand how the controllers supposed to connect, i thought this might be game developers fault at first glance, but found out, OUYA always try to auto connect and to screw up the controllers, i still not sure why 2 game controllers can be active at the same time and both can be played for a single player game????!!, or worse if you had lost the original ouya controller you will get trouble to reconnect it even you "shutdown/restart/manage controller" still barely help :/ ?

I also got some troubles to get the controller work with my game project using GameMaker.

also from the design perspective, i hope the next controller have separated pause and selection buttons and the rest buttons shouldn't be the same for different tasks !!, i think having more buttons for a specific job is more clear and better, i actually had quit many games by accident though..

[2- lack of space to hold more ouya games ]
I still not sure how USB should work, but i think ouya need more space, i was forced to delete some of my purchased games, and i skipped many games which i can't download due to space limitation, i hope the next one will address and solve this issue, because i can see many loss in sales for some unlucky developers.

[3- the Ouya screen is not stretched very well on TV!! , not sure if it's due to my TV setting ? ]
My SonyTV, for whatever reason have problem to stretch the game screen, some stuff at GUI still hidden to the left corner, i had searched and checked the setting but still not found the ultimate solution yet, i don't know what other people had or if this might be a personal problem rather then global, i'm still faithful this might be addressed via updates.

[4- frame rate problem with some games ]
I had many lagging problems for many games, not only 3D also some 2D titles, i tried to optimize my upcoming game and still bothered with the framerate issue despite it's work fast and fine (60fps) on my old Samsung S2 , i think this due to the fact that the game on mobile had used to have small screen resolution, while the OUYA system have the HD option, i think this might be fixed if ouya team manage to extend the ram from 1 gb to 2 gb at least, not sure if this might affect the price if they will upgrade it for the next OUYA.

this the technical problems I had faced, for the next ones, not only OUYA team are responsible, but the ouya users and game developers as well if they still wish to support this awesome console !!

[1-we should have more exclusive OUYA games !!:]
I still enjoyed the amazing frog and towerfall, i think developers should support this revolution console with more exclusive games!! OUYA team need to make more offers
for exclusive titles and to support/encourage the game developers.

[2- Not only at USA/Europe, OUYA should be found everywhere like japan,middle east and many countries around the world at their game store]:
in fact I'm from Qatar and i had ordered my ouya console from amazon, my local friends also did the same, but i think there a good opportunity for ouya to be at many game stores around the world, this not only for more sales but also will attract more game developers around the worlds, which mean more games from different countries and cultures, also OUYA team should encourage many countries to localize and translate the ouya store for many languages.

That's my feedback for OUYA, and i apologize for my English, it's not my native language to be honest but i hope my points are clear, don't be hesitant to reply or to mention anything i had missed :)


James Andrew Coote
11-05-2013, 10:21 PM
Firstly, the suggestions and ideas forum is that way (http://ouyaforum.com/forumdisplay.php?79-OUYA-Suggestions-and-Ideas). Though actually it's meant to have threads about individual issues rather than laundry lists like this. Anyway, to address your points:

1). The controllers are getting a re-working, presumably in time for OUYA 2 coming out next year. However, the issue with two controllers both controlling the same game / character in a single player game. That's the developer's fault. All they have to do is change one or two lines of code. Really basic stuff. Maybe worth suggesting to OUYA that they should look into that when approving games for the store. Perhaps not fail them, but point it out to developers as a "you might want to consider.."

2). OUYA are currently trialling / doing an invite only beta for a system where you can plug in a USB stick or hard drive to extend storage.

3). The problem of stuff being off the edge of the screen is called "overscan". It's a fairly common problem, and developers are supposed to make sure their games don't have any crucial buttons or things within about 5% or 10% border around the edge of the screen. Games being submitted to the OUYA store today that have this problem will be rejected, but some older games that were let through before the rules were changed still suffer from this. Again, it is the fault of the game developer, rather than OUYA.

4). Framerate problem is again up to the game developer. I don't know about in Gamemaker, but for other engines / middleware, it is possible to force the screen to output at 720p. However, that's the lazy solution and will only get you so far. Have a look on the web for optimisation tips relating to Gamemaker, but really, it is your responsibility to code your game efficiently. Adding more RAM won't help, and in any case, that won't happen until the OUYA 2 is launched next year. Even then, it'd be better to support the old OUYA 1 consoles.

1). OUYA are working on this by trying to encourage developers to make their games exclusive to OUYA. But OUYA are not a big company with the cash to splash on making exclusive games. Plus those games take time to make, and OUYA has only existed for just over a year. If OUYA took all the money they have made ever, and put it into making one AAA game like Call of Duty or GTAV, they would still have less than half the money they need to finish the game, plus it would still be 2 years away from being completed.

2). This is just a matter of time. OUYA are a small company and had problems getting their supply chain set up earlier this year. So they are working best they can to make the console more widely available, but it's not an easy process and it requires lots of money OUYA don't necessarily have