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James Andrew Coote
10-15-2013, 01:23 PM
Once again, I spent the day not doing any real work, but rather photoshopping the OUYA Discover store, rearranging the layout. Here's what I came up with:


First off, get rid of the text label "Featured" since it's superfluous. We know it's featured because it's whacking great picture on the front of the store

Next, the whole scrolling down for more categories doesn't have a nice look or feel to it. I've been messing around with the OUYA store and with Big picture mode on steam and found actually, swiping left and right with the analogue sticks is a lot easier than up and down. Combine that with a widescreen TV and it's easier and quicker to add in an extra level in the hierarchical navigation than have people scroll vertically. (I also really don't like the way when you scroll vertically, sometimes the tiles encroach on the O - Details, U - Free Download, etc buttons at the bottom. It looks messy

In this case, I've imagined a carousel of all the categories, and then a sub-list below (forgot to put in the O,U,Y,A buttons at the bottom and account for overscan, but you get the point)


Secondly, I messed around with the Genre section. I like the idea of the wall of tiles, but actually, if you take the Apple UI philosophy, you should really have one single focus on screen at any one time. That "less is more" philosophy means rather than having a crowded screen where you're overwhelmed by information, and where it is very easy to glance over things, you have a list that is both quick to scroll through, and that keeps attention on just a single selection. Having some details pop up on your selection makes it really clear what you're focusing on, and makes that the biggest element on the screen, so you're not distracted by other items. Arguably, you could even have just one row of tiles instead of two like I've shown above.

I think the game details page then needs a lot of things added and improved about it, but that's for another day

One final point is that I swapped search and bury, and made search L1, since R3 is horrible to push, and often you end up slipping and selecting another tile, then burying that instead. Also might want to think about changing "bury" to "hide" or "ignore", because even though it doesn't hide it as such, it's more intuitive and descriptive of what you're trying to achieve

10-18-2013, 07:31 AM
Looks good, it would be nice to have the whole store on a single 'page' scrolling up/down is a pain. The question now is, will OUYA notice this post and will they give any indication at all that they noticed it, or will a random update reveal a new discover store just like your screenshot completely out of the blue.