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10-05-2013, 10:42 PM
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My most important point: More console-ness. OUYA should find a way to strictly make devs follow some design guidelines and shouldn't accept games that break these.
E.g., entering a username shouldn't be necessary. Games should have their own database for Ouya users, and these already have a unique username. Don't use a password, let the ID of the console/ the user account be your key.
Also, having options that reference a keyboard kills a game for me. Heck, I recently saw a game that referenced being on a phone in the description text. How lazy is that?
If OUYA would be more severe in putting their foot down about it being a *console* (not a stationary device for phone games, not a place for browser games), quality would be way higher - less lazy ports, less hastily put together stuff, more polish.

Apart from being a possible move for the OUYA, I can adress it to the devs, too: If you come to the conclusion that your game is ready, please invest one more week. Ask honest friends to play it and fix the stuff they find awkward. If you port a game, play it on the OUYA and see if it's a rounded experience. Please.

Edit: I hope this isn't to near to a marketing discussion point...

James Andrew Coote
10-05-2013, 10:54 PM
Yes, some of this is marketing. OUYA have to pitch to developers and consumers alike, and often the message they put out to one, can detract the other! The whole thing about being an "Android" console is really confusing for consumers, because they associate it with mobile phones, even though it's quite an important thing to emphasise to developers (since they may already have an Android game, and so not have to write a game just for OUYA specifically)

As for the guidelines, you can read them here: https://devs.ouya.tv/developers/docs/content-review-guidelines

OUYA have apparently got a lot more strict with the few rules they do have recently, and they've just added a new member to their team to help developers get their games approved:


Alex Doherty, Developer Wingman

Like any good wingman, Alex is here to make sure that you have a smooth introduction to all those OUYA gamers out there. He's your *answer* guy. Stumped during submission? Want some feedback before your game goes live? Other questions? Alex is your guy (or he'll find the guy/gal at OUYA who is).