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James Andrew Coote
10-05-2013, 09:19 PM
This section of the forums is for people who want to help improve the OUYA by giving their feedback on the current OUYA system. Also here, you can suggest features you think should be added to the OUYA in the future. This is also the place for blue-skies thinking, where you can share your vision of where OUYA could be far into the future

Feel free to be as detailed and narrow, or as broad with your subject material as you like. However, keep these things in mind:

- Start with only one idea per thread. That way it's easier for people to stay focused and properly debate the idea

- No prioritising. This forum is for discussing which ideas or improvements should be made and why, but not how important or urgent they are

- No games/apps suggestions

- This is for OUYA the console, it's hardware and launcher software (I.e. the OUYA menus and Discover store). If you have feedback on OUYA Inc. the company, their customer service, marketing strategies etc, use the General Discussion forum

- Search before you post. Someone may have had the same idea before, and better to add to that existing discussion than create duplicate posts