View Full Version : [Staff Review] The Killswitch Report: Wraithborne by Alpha Dog Games

04-06-2015, 10:19 PM

Wraithborne by Alpha Dog Games is a dungeon crawling, hack 'n' slash game and also one of the best looking OUYA games available but does the gameplay match the visuals?

The visuals in this game stand out, especially for a freshman effort. The environmental design is top notch for a game that was originally made for mobile platforms. The hero, who I am going to call Warhammer, does not have a name but you can tell that someone took the time to design him and the enemies too. His attack animations are crisp though he is kind of slow and that's because his weapon is a massive war hammer. There are boluders, crystals and wooden beams that shatter when hit, all the lines are clean and the environment is clear. The visuals will stand up to many other games out there that are mobile based and even some console games. If visuals were all that a game is graded on then this game would be a 5 but...

When it comes to hack'n'slash games most follow the same routine. Hack, slash, smash, use a spell. Wraithborne doesn't stray very far from that. Warhammer has a light and heavy attack, a shield and some spells that he can use. Each of these spells has a mana cost and cooldown but in this game it's also used for your shield and you can power up your attack. Other games have this too but in Wraithborne, IT WORKS. There is one thing that seems to be missing though, chaining your attacks. It seems to be whatever amount of hits then stop and start a new attack instead of chaining like a 30 hit combo.

While playing Wraithborne, you'll realize that the game is played on one map, this is good for cutting loading times and all that since it's just one big looping area. You'd expect Wraithborne to be longer with the voiceovers and text based story. It kind of gives the game a feeling of bigness even though it's not incredibly long. The story doesn't aid in gameplay or add any drama to the game, it's pretty much smash, smash and smash some more goblins, werewolves and succubi.

Wraithborne is a nice 1st effort from Alpha Dog and I hope they have more coming but it does have some drawbacks. If you like hacking and slashing then this is the game for you and you'll love the graphics along the way. If you're looking for deeper content then it's not going to meet your needs but give it a try, you may like it. Wraithborne was originally a mobile game which is why the length isn't there.

I'm giving Wraithborne a 3 1/2 out of 5 shurikens.