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04-03-2015, 12:27 PM
Very rarely do you see a collaboration from two completely different franchises. However, for these two it has come as almost a common occurrence to have them be in any media together since they're like peanut butter & jelly. When we got this game, we were expecting something very hashed together and overall just a game that had a strong name tied to it. Find out whether or not our suspicion's were correct for this is the AVP: Evolution review.



The story in AVP: Evolution isn't anything groundbreaking. Basically, a fight between the jungle predators and the super predators have escalated to the point where the latter enslaves the alien queen in an attempt to wipe out the former. Your job as a jungle predator is to put an end to this by any means necessary, or face being wiped out for good. As the alien however, you're tasked with freeing the queen and your brethren along the way. The story goes a little pass this point via paragraphs that you'll be able to read in the game, but other than the ending, it really never picks up from here.

Overall, as an avid player of the series, this is sadly the best story of them all in both in content and quality. Unlike other games in the OUYA library, there's definitely an attempt for a story here and it does an adequate enough job for what it is. It could have fleshed out more of the alien's side of the story, but there's always going to be this problem when you have a character that's essentially a mindless slave to its queen.

Gameplay & Controls:

Like most games in the series, you'll be playing as both the predator and the alien during their respective levels. The predator is fitted with everything you'd expect him to be including whips, plasma cutters, chakram, and more. There's a lot of toys for him to play with and you really feel like this is the definitive form of the character once you acquire the iconic helmut. The alien on the other hand is very agile, can summon facehuggers, and really relies on getting in as many hits in a short period of time as possible. There's naturally less for this character to be equipped with, but the game overcomes this shortcoming by adding in gameplay elements that utilize its ability's like wall-climbing and going through vents.

The gameplay itself is controlled in a third-person perspective. Despite the fact that they get different equipment and ability's, the core of the combat is the same between the two characters. You go towards the enemy, slash them to a pulp, and move on. There isn't really any depth to the game's combat system and the inclusion of a combo list really doesn't help matters since every attack feels hollow as it lacks any sort of impact. This can only slightly be remedied by using different means of attack to add variety, but chances are that's not going to happen all that often since you can mash the attack button and get better results than anything else.

Furthermore, you'll be given currency upon completing any level including one of the numerous side missions. This can be used to buy upgrades for your character from the shop which offers a huge selection for both characters. However, the amount of currency you accumulate in the game will most likely have you skip out on purchasing anything that you'd really want since the game wants you to get more via in-application purchases. The in-application purchases aren't as bad as other games like EnbornX, but the best stuff in the game is definitely reserved for people who're willing to pay more than they already have for the game.

That aside, the game progresses pretty uniquely for lack of a better word. During the game you'll have two alien levels back-to-back before playing the predator again. This is most due to the story because it has to unfold from both perspectives, but it can seem a tad confusing to the unexpected player. This is done at least twice in the game and is simply something I noticed and not anything bad by any means.

The controls in the game are okay. Sometimes combos don't come out, but like I said, it's not like you're going to be doing anything flashy or more complicated than mashing the attack button since it's the most effective way of taking out enemies. They're not perfect and you'll notice this as soon as the first level, but overall the gameplay and controls are simply average. Overall, it's one of those rare games that has a particular gameplay style that's undeniable up to the eye of the beholder unlike games like Spy Hunter which is awesome, and Batman Forever on the SNES which is horrible. To this person, however, it's the gameplay and controls are mostly flawed when everything is said and done.


The visuals in the game are excellent, but are sometimes a tad too dark for their own good. On several occasions have I missed an important detail because the game really wants to turn off any light source in the area. However, both the playable characters look fantastic and really show that care went into their creation. The enemies also look impressive with the most impressive model of all is the alien queen. Overall, the game is great looking with some minor exceptions here and there.

Soundtrack & Sounds:

The soundtrack in the game is actually pretty good if not a little too in your face at times. It's very atmospheric which matches the environments quite well, but the fact that the type of music it has is very loud draws you out from the stealth motif that the game likes to throw at you. The sounds are definitely the best part because everything is spot on. Everything sounds like it was ripped straight from the movies and it works out beautifully. The iconic predator roar, the sound of the pulse rifle, and everything else is all there.

Overall, it's not a bad game in its audio and most will certainly enjoy what it has to offer.


In conclusion, AVP: Evolution is a good title for the OUYA. It has some flaws like the fact that the environments can be too dark at times and the fact that you can mash the attack button to win any fight amongst other issues, but it's not something you want to write off just for that. There's still a lot to take from the game because of its audio and other positives. It may not be something I can recommend to everyone if not the majority of people I know, but players who're looking for anything related to action shouldn't pass this up. In the end, the game gets a three out of five.

Score: 3/5