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04-01-2015, 08:46 AM
There was a particular game that got released that caught everybody's attention & it was called Duck Game. Moving away from the spotlight from games like this will have you discover interesting results in the OUYA console's library. EnbornX was one of those games that I saw get released and quickly swept aside, but I never forgot it. That being said, was this for the best? Find the answer to that question right now for this is the EnbornX review.


To start things off, EnbornX is a horizontal shooter similar to the Cotton series. The game doesn't have a story as it simply states that the Earth us under attacked by an Endless Reborn Machine & that Enborn-X is the planet's final hope. Honestly, stories aren't ever an important part in any shooting game so this comes off as par for the course. That being said, the gameplay is what really matters because shooters of all kinds really need to distinguish themselves from other games in the same genre. EnbornX, however, disregards this and many other things that I will get into.

As you can no doubt tell, the has you controlling a woman in a armored suit name Enborn-X which directly ties in with the title of the game. As such, you're expected to be equipped with a series of epic weapons that can level cities and blast Godzilla's face off. Thankfully, you're not going to be disappointed since your character definitely has the firepower in the form of a spray gun that fires three bullets in rabid succession, a sword that does massive damage at a close range, and your laser which can be charged to fire a devastating blast. You'll also have access to a bomb that hits everything on the screen as well as a time stop which is self-explanatory. This sounds like you're equipped to deal with just about any threat a creative developer can throw at her, but you'll quickly find out the catch.

The game is absolutely filled with the brim with in-application purchases. If deplete the ammo of the majority of your weapons and try to use them again, then prepare for a prompt to appear in the midst of gameplay. If that's not bad enough, the menu controls are finicky which means that if you haven't enabled a PIN system then you're most likely going to be making accidental purchases everywhere. However, the game is built around the fact that not everyone is going to be buying more ammo, but this means you're restricted to just using the spray gun and the sword which quickly remove any sort of layers from the gameplay.

Furthermore, the enemies in the game aren't anything special either. The game is touted to be filled with nothing but bosses and the game technically accomplishes this, but all the enemies can be taken down with the right positioning on the screen since nothing will be able to hit you. They're also extremely hashed together like a Pablo Picasso painting in the sense that there's no artistic direction in their design. It's so bad that I couldn't even tell what was supposed to represent a weapon and this caused me to die a lot since I was always hit by an unexpected attack. The game has you fight nine of these before fighting a boss which acts the same as every other enemy and is only bigger than the others.

Continuing on, if you die then don't expect your ammo to be replenished. You'll be given a prompt to purchase more lives, but by not doing so, you'll be pushed back into the main menu where you can continue where you left off which makes no sense. Even your points remain intact and this effectively makes even the highscore-centric fans have nothing to be had from this game. At least the music in the good is good despite the fact that there's only three tracks and the one you're going to be hearing during the majority of the gameplay will get old before you encounter the first boss. If there's another thing I can complement the game for, it's the visual it has since they're pretty appealing except for the previously mentioned enemy designs.

Overall, the game isn't enjoyable at all unless you want to spend questionable amounts of money for the in-application purchases that are assigned to nearly everything. The enemies in the game are so horrible looking that I can't tell them apart since they're nothing but hashed together nonsense. There needs to be more songs in the game amongst other things like being able to navigate the menu without the controls responding when they want to. Just about everything in the game is horrible and anyone who doesn't have a PIN set up on their OUYA shouldn't even attempt to play this game. In the end, the game is just a cash-in that scores a one out of five.

Score: 1/5


04-01-2015, 09:04 AM
The thought of having a game adapt to my gameplay (like Bosses Forever 2.Bro (https://www.ouya.tv/game/BOSSES-FOREVER-2BRO/))and keep throwing bossfight after bossfight at me (like Chaos Field (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaos_Field))sounds pretty appealing. It's such a shame the developer of EnbornX went the way she/he did because I would have absolutely loved this game if it wasn't for all the horrendous IAP. It's the best example we have in the OUYA library of how IAP can utterly destroy a game. There's just no way I'm ever playing this again and I urge everyone to stay away from this garbage. Agreed on the 1/5, but in my case it's only because of IAP.

If you want a shooter with adapting difficulty (that remembers how you play and has a multitude of semi-randomly generated bosses) I would recommend Warning Forever (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warning_Forever) (2003) instead. Sorry to say it's Windows only, but at least it's completely free.

04-01-2015, 11:34 PM
How dare you guys sully the name of perhaps the most original and fun game on the OUYA! As a fan of bullet hell shooters IMHO this is the best one I have ever played and should have been on the Game of the Year list when it came out. Don't hate a game just because you suck at it!
Your review is spot on. IDK if anyone else had this problem, but it crashed on me so many times, I thought one of the buttons was a quit to the play section. Utter Trash!