View Full Version : [Staff Review] The Killswitch Report: Dropchord by Double Fine Productions

03-17-2015, 01:31 PM
Dropchord by Double Fine Productions

Dropchord by Double Fine Productions is a music driven score based game which has pulsing music and is a test of dexterity. It is also a test of your patience.

I'm not going to beat around the bush and drag this review out. This will be quick and painless.

When Dropchord starts you see a circle and the word Dropchord. Now for most games you can press O and something happens, well not here. I hit everything until I decided to move the left stick. When I did that a "menu" came up which is just 4 circles inside that circle and you have to try to move the line through the circle of your choice, so getting into the game itself was a painful experience. Then when you're on the right circle, you might not be on the circle, you have to get it to highlight and say PLAY.

The game itself is you moving the line around the circle to "collect" dots for the most part. There are things to avoid and probably more if you get further into the game but guess what happened when Mr Killswitch game overed. Back to the painful menu. BUT before I went to the menu, let me tell you how I game overed, was it because I hit one of the bad things to touch? No. It was because the game randomly paused for no reason and while trying to figure out how to unpause it, I hit whatever button during that pause that closed out the game. So 1 game over down and 1 to go (you'll find out what I mean soon enough). So I'm at that menu and I notice in the left corner there is this thing that says credits and I ignore it. Round 2 was a longer round but again the random pause out of nowhere. Had to hit buttons again but this time I did not press A and I still got bumped. Sonuvaflying......

Anyway. I went through the 2 rounds and thought "let me try again, I'm not letting this game beat me like that." But guess what...remember the credits I mentioned? YOU ONLY GET 2 CREDITS then you have to pay for unlimited credits which is only $2.99 and I wouldn't mind if I had a chance to enjoy the game. They made me feel like I was playing Angry Birds or something. This game is broken and needs a checkup from the neck up.

The game has no visuals to speak of but that wouldn't matter if it was a fun game, pretty simple concept, music was ok but after experiencing that, I think a piece of me died. This game looks better on other platforms, like a game you might want to try but on OUYA, they took an L.

I can't bring myself to give the game even a 1/2. You hurt me Double Fine, I can't describe the amount of pain I feel from having to endure that. This is a first for me but I cannot honestly tell anyone to give the game a try. Just no...