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03-15-2015, 10:00 PM
Kosmik Revenge by Realtech VR

Kosmik Revenge by Realtech VR is a SHMUP that will remind people of a name that is familiar around here, Space Invaders. But this game gets it right where others have missed the mark. (Beginning to look like I play a lot of SHMUPs or something.)

The best way to describe Kosmik Revenge is Space Invaders on speed. You'll start out kind of slow but you'll notice something that Space invaders didn't have, the aliens move. They will fly into the screen to get to their set position and will also come after you after a set amount of time. There is also an asteroids stage built into the game as sort of an interlude so you're not looking at aliens all day. I swear I just did a review that mentioned Space Invaders and Asteroids...

Anyway, the game is done in pixels and does it well, there isn't anything I can say really stands out but there is nothing I would say needs to be changed. You have your usual platform shooter on all stages but the aliens are in Space invaders format and the asteriods part, they're coming at you while you're still on the platform, there is not up and down movement.

When it comes to sound, the game does well in this department. You do have voice for powerups and when the game starts it says Kosmik Revenge. Music is different and I'm not sure what genre to call it really, it's kind of like house music but for some reason I can't call it house. You'll have to be the judge of that.

The game does have powerups which makes it a bit more interesting and as the stages go on you'll be thankful for those powerups. There are stages where there are like 100 aliens and only one barrier which disappears real fast. You can get shields, extra lives, spread shots and more but they do have a cost and in this game you need to store all the credits you can as they are not easy to come by.

Another nice little feature is the high score list except it doesn't work properly so hopefully it gets fixed. I had a score of almost 20,000,000 which would put me as 3rd on the list but nowhere near the top 2 scores and that score won't register but my score of 1,000,000+ did. (I have pics in the high score thread so yes there is proof.) Always nice to see some of the OUYAForum fam in the scores.

So, all in all it's a nice little game, no major issues, everything is smooth and it'll only cost you $2.99.

I'm giving Kosmik Revenge a 4 out of 5 shuriken rating