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12-05-2014, 03:36 PM
Just interested, who here also thinks the current Ouya website looks pretty awful? Each time I visit that site, I get the feeling that something's broken, either my web browser, my graphics card, or there's a huge ad banner overlaying the whole screen.

I understand that they want to be different or whatever... but well, I don't really like it. What do you think?

EDIT: Just to make it clearer, I am talking especially about that front-page, not the sub-pages.

12-05-2014, 03:37 PM
I like it, it is quite unorthodox, and yet still manages to look clean. It could be different browsers rendering it differently too however. Things like that happen :p

12-05-2014, 03:39 PM
That's exactly where I disagree: I think it doesn't look clean at all :)

BTW, Poll added...

12-05-2014, 03:42 PM
I like it. Pretty nice looking with a simple layout to get to what you need. Would still like some more management features added to our accounts but the site is pretty slick to me

12-05-2014, 03:42 PM
I don't see what's wrong with it. It's not traditional but it doesn't fall under "what the hell is this crap". But I rarely go to the site so my opinion on it may not carry as much weight, if you guys didn't mention the site then who knows when I'd go there. Almost everything gets posted here so limits my need to go.

12-05-2014, 03:49 PM
Just to make things clearer, I'm talking especially about that front-page, not the sub-pages. I will edit this also in my original post.

12-05-2014, 04:23 PM
I'm more annoyed by the games page than the front page, it always takes forever to load.

12-05-2014, 04:29 PM
I don't mind the layout of the front page. What I don't like it all the tiles are faded out and you are pretty much FORCED to hover over them to make out what they are about.
If they would the tiles more opaque and the logo more transparent it would help a lot I think.
Right now the visual ranking goes: LOGO! oh and tiles.
It should be: Tiles ...oh cool the logo is in the back :)

12-05-2014, 04:34 PM
@ discotechjam and @Rhellik, true words