View Full Version : Time to start buying Apple TV 3 boxes? :p

02-15-2013, 12:42 AM
By chance I happened to come into the possetion of 2 Apple TV gen 2 devices some time ago. They were used and near obsolete then something odd happened. ATV2s got jailbroken and their value soared. I got 300 for the pair of them, far more than they were "worth" a few weeks before. If I held out I may have got more. Look at the price of them even now


Which brings me to my musings. Today I was in CEX (a used video game/DVD/gadget chain in the UK) and noticed a pile of Apple TV gen 3 devices on display for 75 a piece, not the best price for used ATV3s going but with the release of the gen 3 jailbreak suposedly iminent my spider senses for money doubling are beginning to tingle. I bought one of them and decided to leave before I became the owner of all the used ATV3s in Belfast :D

What do you guys think? Beginning of a new gold rush?