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09-21-2014, 03:39 PM
Super Blue Fighter (https://www.ouya.tv/game/Super-Blue-Fighter/)

Robotron, now with boxing gloves!

"Year 2983, robotrons have got the planetary control and plan to transform humanity in fossil fuel for its aircrafts. Blue Fighter has been sent to restore the galactic order, will you survive and save humanity?" This makes me think that in 2084 we (you) did save the last human family but something went terribly wrong afterwards and now we are reduced, ironically, to being the robots' fuel source.

Strap me in, I can dig it.

Not Robotron.

You will not be shooting anything, so get that first impression out of your head. Do limber up your arms though, because it's clobberin' time. You will be punching and laying bombs through wave after wave of colored robots while trying not to get shot, blown up, touched by the off-colored bots and doing your level best to avoid being snagged by a fat Grimace-looking thing that wants to be your girlfriend and that should not be allowed to happen. We are given no other context as to why this should not happen, but we'll just take the nice Tutorial Text's word for it.

"Oh I have Bullet Time, this will be easy!"

As with all good arcade style games, the difficulty ramps up and keeps ramping until you just laugh because you know you've got no chance. Wait, the nice Tutorial Text told me I can slow things down. Alright! Yeah, that's a nice thought but after about 800 points no amount of slow-mo was going to save me. It was glorious though.


Don't let the happy sounding music fool you, you're going to die; probably while being shot with a laser which will push you into an exploding bomb or, powers forbid, the dreaded purple girlfriend-thing. Great arcade-y gameplay which brings this old fella back to the brightly lit, dingy backrooms of bowling alleys and pizza joints. The game does have a large bug where for seemingly no reason your character will slow down. At first I thought this was intentional but the randomness of it points to no. Maybe the game was originally made with an accelerometer in mind? Don't know, but it can be frustrating.
All that said, the game is just plain fun. My second playthrough saw me place 9th place on the online scoreboard, which is a nice touch, and I'll be back for more robot punching to attempt the ridiculous 1st place score. 3/5 stars.