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08-24-2014, 03:44 AM

What is Magnetic by Nature?

Magnetic by Nature is a platfomer that is centered around physics, more specifically, magnets. You play as a lone robot trying to bring your other robot friends back to life by collecting flowers in each of your friends' dedicated levels. To do this you have to, with the use of magnets, manoeuvre around obstacles that block your path to said flowers. You can also get a side item for completions sake (and for something a bit further down the line) as there is 1 extra item to collect hidden (sometimes in plain sight) in each level. Each level has you rely almost heavily on both Attract and Repelling of magnets.

What is great about Magnetic by Nature?

First of all, the Scenery is simply stunning! Each level set has a specific theme and its use of shades of 1 colour adds a lot of depth to the scenery. The music is no laughing matter either. Very easy on the ears and give a feeling of loneliness and a mission to bring your friends back. The gameplay is rather sound. It is basically get from one end to the other using the power of magnetism. Quite frankly, it is easy to learn, yet quite difficult to master. Everything needs the most precise timing, or you could end up falling straight down, or going further than you originally wanted.


What is not so great about Magnetic by Nature?

The controls feels a little bit stiff when playing. If feels a bit hard to get the little robot dude to move and jump, but once it is with all them magnets, movement is a breeze. Also when first starting the game you are asked to enter your name, then dropped right in the middle of it all rather abruptly. There is no Main Menu or anything of the like. While it is a hub world, and hub worlds are nice, the lack of main menu can throw off some, it has certainly thrown me off greatly when first starting the game. In the beginning, Magnetic by nature feels a bit sluggish ie: a slower framerate. It speeds up quickly after a few levels, and this only happens when you first start the game, so it isn't a huge issue. One of the biggest gripes for me, though it is probably small for others, is the PAUSE button. It is either A, or Y, why it isn't the OUYA button I am not sure, but I really wish it was. It is one of those things that completely drive me up the wall.


Graphics: 9/10 - The simplicity in the scenes are beautiful, and the characters and animations are very pleasant to the eye. I can get passed the initial sluggishness, for these.

Sounds/Music: 8/10 - Not much for sound effects, but what is there is nice, and the music is very beautiful. Would love a soundtrack for this personally

Controls: 7/10 - The controls for me feel a bit stiff, and it makes moving the robot a chore, once you get him moving via magnets however, movement becomes easier. On top of that, the pause button not being the OUYA button also docked points.

Gameplay: 8/10 - Very easy game to learn, but extremely difficult to master. The levels don't get easier, but that is what is so great about them. However, with that initial sluggish feeling and the stiff controls, it can possibly deter some away from wanting to go further.. trust me, it gets better!

Magnetic By Nature is a solid OUYA title, and should certainly be worth looking into despite the mentioned issues. It is easy to get into, offers mind-bending puzzles, and is great for all ages to play! Just don't forget what you learned in physics class, as it may feel more needed now than it ever has been.

Overall Score: 8/10
OUYA Discover Rating as of this Review: 4.5/5 Stars

08-24-2014, 06:14 AM
Would you go as far as to say that the non-magnetic related controls for the character and the pause button implementation were an afterthought?

08-24-2014, 06:20 AM
Would you go as far as to say that the non-magnetic related controls for the character and the pause button implementation were an afterthought?

The pause button most likely. The non-magnetic controls, I think may be by design, to further encourage using the magnets to travel, unfortunately it just makes movement feel clunky.