View Full Version : Customized browser data for analytics.

07-29-2014, 02:36 AM
I have a website. Not going to say because HEY i'm not a paid subscriber and I can't do that. However, anyone who runs a website can tell you and I'm sure OuyaForum is no different. Analytics are sometimes used to determine how much traffic is flowing into your website. Weither you use Statcounter of Google Analytics. Both of them runs J-Script queries against your device to determine basic information of who you are.

The Ouya Simply replies with the following:

Browser: Android
Operating System: Android

Where-as other android devices will actually say something like the following:

Browser: Chrome for Android
Operating System: Google Nexus 5

A lot of game consoles are very forward in telling who they are to analytic software, Nintendo being the most visible. But the Sony stuff appears nicely too.

I guess all i'm asking if for Ouya to identify itself while online. Something that can be changed in its metadata files. It's a minor request but sometimes when people release stuff they want to see if people are indeed using their Ouyas browser to visit their site or if it's another android device completely!

That is all. And thank you.