View Full Version : Technical mode sub-menu button for ouya apps.

07-02-2014, 04:35 PM
I understand that Ouya wanted to go for a nice and clean interface. Sometimes when going for clean you end up lacking detail, the one paragraph text about the game before you install simply does not do it justice. And this is my suggestion. For lack of a better terminology, It would be nice to have a sub-menu within each application that did something that the open-source community will do which is actually tell you the following:

How many times has the application been updated and its respective download size? Application Version Numbers? Date since application was updated?
What has been changed in the application - bug-fixes? Ouya update compliance? Improvements and updates to the game. - When a user updates their app within Ouya we have no idea what the updates really are.
What are the permission sets this application will use within the Android-OS? (example: Network Support, access to pictures, profile or Super-User access)
What are the feature sets such as - Networked and/or split-screen multiplayer? Maximum controllers supported per game instance? Mobile device co-op support? Third party controller support? Special hardware required (example: dance-pads, steering wheels, camera, motion sensors?)
Help text files such as detailed installation notes section for games and emulators that require you to inject data into your Ouya.
Clickable Developers Website link that launches browser? - Perhaps they are working on other games I would like to see.

GooglePlay has this in a sense when you scroll to the bottom after the introduction of the game and before the reviews where it shows at least some of this information.

I realize that many users will not even click on this menu. However if there is an opportunity to provide documentation within the Ouya OS right from the developer themselves. Then it may cut down on the confusion. I'm one of those users which does check the change-log before asking a dev a question as it may be in-progress debug item or completed.

07-02-2014, 04:38 PM
I think this all sounds good except the Android permissions. That is not a part of Ouya and it should be left out. The other things sound great like date updated and changelogs and such.