• No spamming. Spam includes self promoting, or promotion of a 3rd party product or websites (This excludes game developers who are promoting their own game and OUYA content providers, as long as they are contributing to the community and not spamming links.)
  • No off topic posts. Off topic posting in a thread, that ends up basically hijacking that thread is not permitted. There is no need to go completely off topic, to a point where the conversation turns to something completely unrelated.
  • No selling of merchandise is permitted, whether it is an OUYA, an OUYA controller, or anything else. You are not allowed to advertise the selling of or directly buy or sell any products on this forum.
  • No discussion pertaining to taking part in or advocating illegal activity (such as pirating, drugs, etc) is permitted. If you wouldn't want a law enforcement officer to know you are talking about it, then it shouldn't be talked about here. Marijuana is legal in some places, but still falls under the category of an illegal drug on this website. Discussion pertaining to using, selling, buying, trafficking of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.
  • No offensive posts. Do not post anything (including pictures and videos) which are offensive, hateful, racist, sexist, discriminatory, and/or obscene. This also goes for religion and ethnic groups. This does not count for forum humor, where forum posters are merely joking around with one another.
  • No linking to sites containing malware or pornography or sites that distribute copyrighted material without permission of the copyright holder(s).
  • No posting of someone else's personal information without them knowing, or without their consent.
  • No thread reviving (a.k.a necro'ing). Thread reviving a thread that hasn't been posted in for over 1 month, is allowed if you're going to add something to the thread topic such as updated information, questions about the thread's topic, or anything else of merit to the discussion. Posting simply to bump the thread, is not allowed. Current/Upcoming Games & Applications is excluded from this. Staff reserves the right to delete your post, at their discretion, if it does not follow the standards for this.
  • No cross posting. Do not post the same post in the same thread, or make two threads that are similar in context. This includes questions, pictures, videos, and generalities. If you don't know where to post then just make one then choose the folder that you feel is most appropriate.
  • No consecutive/double posts. Do not post right after you just posted. Instead, use the "Edit" button on your current post while resubmitting the changes. You may double post in the Unofficial Support folder if you haven't received an answer to your problem within one week and are notifying the forum that you're still having the issue and need help. Developers are allowed to double post without restraint just as long as they're posting about something that correlates to their project inside their project thread located in the Current/Upcoming Games & Applications folder. This would include posts such as an update, change-log, release date, etc. Staff reserves the right to merge any and all posts that are deemed excessive.
  • Religious discussions are not permitted. This includes but is not limited to religious debates, forcing your religious beliefs or lack there of onto other members, evangelizing, religious intolerance, making members feel a lack of community over religious differences, etc... Exceptions and clarifications:

(We understand that there are religious/philosophical ideas used in every day conversation concerning expressions like "Oh my God!", talking about what gifts you want on holidays such as Christmas, religious content in video games, etc... These types of ideas in discussions are permitted. You know the difference between these ideas and the rule above. Use your common sense.)

  • If a member is found to be going against the spirit of the rules while still technically abiding by them then that's just as bad as breaking the corresponding rule. Staff will handle this on a case-by-case basis and as a collective discussion between Staff members which will determine through majority vote whether we rule for or against your actions. Exceptions and clarifications:

(We understand that people are all different shades of gray and thus don't always go about something like someone else does which includes how they "contribute" themselves to this community. We also know when someone is purposely side-stepping the rules to avoid punishment while still going against what this rules page stands for. When being talked to by a Staff member about this particular rule, it's technically talking to the majority of the Staff here since this is only handled through majority vote.)

  • Cursing is allowed, but excessive amounts of it such as every other word being a curse word is unneeded. Staff reserves the right to edit any post they deem excessive in this area.
  • Please do not quote videos, exceeding long posts, or pictures. Use the "Spoiler" tag or edit your quote so it leaves out these things while still pertaining to what you are replying to. Spoiler tags look like this (without the ".." in front: [..SPOILER][../SPOILER]
  • If you are going to have to double post because of an unresolved issue that you have in the "Unofficial Support" folder, then don't simply type "bump", or anything similar. Instead try and make your post as informative as possible.

Code of conduct
  • No harassing others. This includes personal attacks, spreading false rumours, or anything else designed to unfairly undermine another forum user. Personal attacks include name calling and disparagement of any kind, or anything else that directly attacks another member of this forum
  • OUYA Representatives are here to help. No one is making them be here, so we ask that you give a large amount of respect to any & all OUYA employees and representatives that post here. Their personal motives, comments and actions are not endorsed by OUYA themselves and thus should be taken as such. All personal requests (support, shipping, etc.) should continue to be submitted via the appropriate channels, as any single OUYA individual may not be able to speak to your request directly.
  • OUYAForum Managers are the assistants of OUYAForum Staff and therefore the rule below also applies to them. They reserve the right to empower themselves with the authority to handle a situation until a staff member oversees the situation. Decisions made by them can be overruled by a staff member at any given time and complaints about them should be messaged to the staff member of your choice.
  • Show respect for all moderators at all times. Their actions are not up for discussion. When Staff is moderating a situation you are not permitted to make their jobs harder by becoming part of the situation through questions and comments. If you have an issue with something a Staff member has done, please report it by sending a private message to one of the other Staff members, or administrators. Don't try to take moderation issues into your own hands. Report issues to the forum Staff.
  • Forum Humor. Some members have senses of humor and make jokes that may, or may not be related to the topic while also serving as a way to express themselves appropriately. If a member makes a joke that you find offensive then proceed to acquire the assistance of a Staff member. Please explain to the Staff member why the joke is offensive to you. They will then determine whether or not the particular joke is going over any line and will handle the situation accordingly. Forum humor does not include racism, prejudice, degrading of individuals/groups, obscenities or insults toward one another.
  • The OUYAForum chatbox is home to many members that have different interests with a variety of topics of discussion stemming from that fact. While we're aware of this and how beneficial a real-time chat with other members may be to some. We can't however condone when topics go on for a long period of time with little to no change when others may feel pushed out of the chatbox due to feeling prohibited unless they're forced to talk about the on-going topic. When Staff sees that this is the case then they reserve the right to change the topic in order for the chatbox to be a home that's accessible to everybody.


Chatbox Rules
  • Do not personally post anything that offends someone else. Do not insult others. Some humorous or light hearted insults will be allowed. i.e. You suck at that game.
  • Do not do anything that would make the Chatbox experience a negative one for anyone else.
  • Don't post anybody's personal information, spread rumors, talk negatively of, or try to gain a following against any other member(s).
  • Banned words: F*ck, F*cked, F*cking, or anything along those lines. Don't try to bypass these words either.
  • Forum staff has the right to determine if they think something is breaking a rule. If a staff member tell you to stop doing what you are doing, then stop. Do not argue or try and retaliate.
  • Forum staff has the right to ban users from the chatbox. A timed ban may be issued depending on the circumstances. Don't bypass any ban placed on you.
  • Don't spam the chatbox with repeated messages, questions, or generalities. Also don't post for the sake of increasing your post count.
  • No linking to malware, porn, or sites that distribute copyrighted material.
  • Try to moderate your foul language usage. There's no reason to say a curse-word multiple times in any given short span of time.
  • If you are running into trouble with another member then proceed to private message a Staff member and they'll will seek for a solution. Keep it away from the chatbox.

Chatbox Etiquette
  • If a member is requesting help, try to help him. If you can't then direct them where they can find help.
  • Try to post full sentences when typing in messages as it makes the chatbox a whole lot cleaner.
  • If you see a message that breaks a rule, inform a super moderator via private message.

Rules may change at any given time, without any notice. It is your responsibility to read these and stay up to date.